Posted on: February 27, 2009 7:40 pm
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Bully's NFL Draft Thoughts

   This blog is about the Bully's passion, the NFL draft.  Rather than do a mock draft right away, Bully likes to see how free agency shakes out and pro days are finishing up.  At this point, Bully likes to discuss the top talents at each position and the top 40 to 50 overall players who look to be first or early second rounders at this point. This first one will have the offensive skill positions: QB, RB, and WR.  Here is a breakdown along with a 1-10 scale on the strength at that position for the 2009 Draft:


QB's-(4)- M. Stafford (UGA), M. Sanchez (USC), J. Freeman (KSU).  Stafford has all the skills and ultimately should go #1 overall due to the position he plays. Sanchez may only have 1 year at USC on his resume, but NFL teams saw Matt Cassel last year who hadn't played since High School and won't be scared off he interviews well and has a good pro day.  Freeman is the wild card and will be up and down many mock drafts.


RB's-(6)- K. Moreno (UGA), L.McCoy (Pitt), C. Wells (OSU), D.Brown (CONN),  R. Jennings (LIB). This is a decent group, although not nearly as strong at the top as was the 2008 crop of RB's. McCoy's pro day will be huge as he missed combine drills with the flu.  If he runs well, he could ultimately be the #1 RB. There are other good backs to be had in the 3rd or later as well like A.Brown (NCSU), S.Greene(IOWA), and J.Davis (CLEM).


WR's-(9)-J.Maclin (MIZ), M.Crabtree (TXTCH), D.H.Bey (MARY), P.Harvin (FLA), H.Nicks (UNC), B.Robiskie (OSU), and both K.Britt and T.Underwood (RUT). The crazy thing is that this only scratches the surface.  Bully could have listed at least 10 more WR's that have a legitimate chance to be NFL contributors.  If you are an NFL team needing WR depth, this is the year to pick up a few.





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